Facebook Pixel going AUTOMATIC!

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(source: slideshare.net)

Is your Business or Company using FACEBOOK PIXEL?

Facebook Pixel or Advanced Matching Pixel is a Facebook marketing tool that has been provided and available since the year of 2016. As explained on a Facebook Business webpage, it is a piece of code for your website that lets you measure, optimise and build audiences for your advertising campaigns. So if your company is running Facebook advertisement, Facebook Pixel is the one crucial tool you should be using in order to maximise your Facebook Ad budget!

A quote from a blog post on adespresso.com says it all: “Facebook’s tracking pixel has two major capabilities: tracking users who took action off-platform because of your Facebook Ad, and tracking activity on your site for retargeting purposes. Anyone running Facebook Ads should absolutely, without a doubt have the pixel installed.”


(source: segment.com)

Recently, Facebook have added a new update to the pixel that changed the manual method of Advanced Matching to automatic. The Facebook developer blog on this update claims that your current pixel set up could be used to associate website text fields, such as email addresses, with corresponding events. Hence you will increase your custom audience size (target more people who interacted with your website) and increase the number of attributed conversions (have a more complete understanding of the impact of your website in relation to web purchases and conversions).

In summary, I think Facebook Pixel is a must tool for digital marketers using Facebook advertisement. There will be a significant increase in data and insights of your ad campaign’s performance and the data can further be used to enlarge your company’s audience/customers list and better the rate of conversion of such customers.

How useful do you think this tool is? And do you think Facebook Pixel will allow for better targeting of customers? Let me know in the comments section! 😉

8 thoughts on “Facebook Pixel going AUTOMATIC!

  1. Facebook pixel is for sure a tool the average consumer does not know about. Though it is a great tool, I think more advancements and automation will be made to make sure these marketing tools are always renewed and updated.


  2. Wow thats a great comment to think about, I think furthermore Facebook will continue to automate its tools; but I think it will improve the effectiveness of Facebook ads in the near future.


    1. I completely agree with your reply though I think this is a minor change and won’t have a significant impact on conversion as a whole; it is nice to have some more insights to your ad investment. Thanks for the reply.


    1. I agree thanks for the feedback! Hopefully the ads would be well targeted and customers would have more of a positive outlook to targeted. Given of course we’re looking from a marketer’s perspective.


  3. I agree with Gracella – a lot of average consumers and even generic marketers are unsure how to use Facebook pixels, generate them or even know what they are. Hence, I think it is a great idea that they become automated – it is keeping up with the evolving market and it’s demands.


  4. I think this feature will definitely help marketers understand more about their consumers! The better they understand their consumer the better content they can provide to them. Great post!


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